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9Apps: If you want to download or install 9Apps and 9App, you can click Here or if you want to directly download it, you can click the below present download button. After you click this button, the download process for 9Apps for android you will start automatically.

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Version: (Latest)
Requires: Android 2.3 Or Higher
Size: 2.4 MB
Category: Browsing
Updated: 02-10-2017
License: Free

9Apps APK | Download 9Apps APP | 9 APPS | Install 9Apps

System Requirements for 9Apps: 9Apps (latest version)  which is the latest version right now requires android version 2.3 or higher. This latest version supports all android powered smartphones and tablets. This app also don’t require large amount of internal storage. It works fine and without any glitches even in low storage.

9Apps app Download: Now a days there are hundreds of sites, platforms and apps which CLAIMS to offer you best android apps, games, ringtones and wallpapers for free to download. But the sad part is majority them serves it’s users which apps binded with virus or malicious codes which damages your phone and in worst cases steals your private and confidential information from your smartphone device.

In this article we will be sharing and writing about a free app which is an app store for android devices, regarded as one of the best alternative for Google Play Store. This alternative app store is free to download and install and offers latest and updates android apks, most trending games, wallpapers and much more. The name of this amazing app store is 9Apps fast download.

More than 79% of the total population owing a smart phone is powered by Android operating system, which is an open source OS developed specifically for smartphone by tech giant Google. Android OS is open source which means that it can be altered, modified. Because of Android being open source, it is so much popular.

9apps download

That being said, now let’s directly dive into our topic and review of best alternative for Google Play Store which is 9Apps app.

9Apps and 9Apps download paid android apps for free is one of the best android app stores after Google Play. This app store let’s you download paid android apps for free at no cost.

You may find a lot of resources and apps from where you can download android apps and games but no one can beat 9Apps, that our promise to you. If you are an android lover and a kind of person who loves to try and explore new apps, then 9Apps is just been made for you.

After reading so much about this app, you guys must be thinking, What actually 9Apps is? How to Download 9Apps? How to Install 9Apps? Why to Download 9Apps and Install 9Apps? and Features of 9Apps? Well, keep on reading and find all the answers yourself.

About 9Apps 2017; What is 9Apps App?

It is regarded as a top alternative to Google Play. It offers all apps and games which Play has and top of it, it also provides a lot more. There are thousands of android apps and games present on 9Apps app store. Play thousands of games for free and the best part is that is a very trusted and safe app.

You will find all the apps and games on this app store which are present on Google’s Play Store. There are times when you need a particular app and it is not available on Play Store. Now, you won’t need to worry about such issues as this alternate app store has got all the apps and games which are un available on Play Store.

You can also download all premium apps and games for free also.

APK9APPSAPP.in  and 9Appsapp.in supports features with which you can download all android apps and games.

Why choose 9Apps APK?

9apps features

There are multiple categories which are available on 9Apps APK Download Android which included the following:

  • Android apps
  • Games
  • Music
  • Price Comparison features
  • Wallpapers
  • Ringtones, and much more.

People these days prefer free or freemium apps over premium apps. So keeping this in mind, the developers of 9App apk has made sure from their end to provide even paid android apk apps from free. This app store is really very smart. Like for example when we are searching for a HQ wallpaper for our test phone, it automatically detected the screen size and served us with most suitable wallpaper recommendations for us.

Why to Download 9Apps APK & Install 9Apps app?

9Apps APK Download not only provides you with latest and trending but it also gives you an option to download wallpapers, ringtones, songs and videos also.

Install 9Apps APK APP & 9App apk Features

Features of 9Apps:

  • Thousands of apps, games to choose from. There is a huge collection of android apps and games.
  • All the apps and games are selected and uploaded a team of professional team.
  • All games and apps are virus free, no malicious file is ever uploaded on this app store.
  • Smooth, simple and easy to understand UI (User-Interface). The UI of this app store is easy to use and understand. People who are downloading this app store for the first time won’t find it difficult to use. It is a very user friendly app.
  • Small sized app. It is less than 3 MB in size which really helps you to save up your precious mobile storage.
  • You get high download speed while you download apps and games from 9Apps app.
  • Auto recommendation feature of this app is mind blowing. It recommends you trending apps and games based upon your interest and your past search history.
  • It even works smoothly even if you low on your phone’s storage.

9apps apk

How to Install 9Apps for PC & Download 9Apps for PC

Below the below mentioned steps to download 9Apps on PC:

  • Download and install BlueStacks from Here.
  • Install BlueStack after the download process is completed.
  • Run the software.
  • Now download .apk file of 9Apps Download on your computer.
  • Click on 9Apps-apk.apk file, and now the rest will be done by BlueStacks software.
  • You are ready to use 9Apps on your PC.

Major key Features of 9 Apps?

9 Apps offers numerous features and functions to it’s users using which they can get latest android apps and games at zero (0) cost. It allows you to download apps and games (both paid and free) at very high speed and all the files downloaded from this app store is virus free.

Below we have listed out some of the major and most attractive key features of 9 Apps which this app offer’s to it’s users.

  1. It is a free to download apk app which let’s you download both free and paid android apps, games, wallpapers, ringtones, wallpapers and much more for free.
  2. It has over 1 million android apps and games. So this means you have got a very huge list of options to choose from.
  3. It let’s you download the .apk file of any app which means that if you un install any app and later on wish to install it again, so won’t be needing to download the app or game again (like what happens with Google Play). You have the .apk file you can install the app or games whenever you want.
  4. It provides blazing fast internet speed while you download any thing from 9Apps APK.

9Apps APK app VS Google’s Play Store. Which one is better?

Google Play Store 9 Apps APK
Allows you to download app only in the App Version. Allows you to download app in web verison as well as App version.
Have to buy premium apps. Get premium apps for free.
Big in Size Small in Size
Little bit complex UI Simple UI




So after checking out the above comparison chart you can easily figure out that in the battle of Best Android App Store, 9Apps for Android is the supreme winner. Letting you download everything you will ever wish for, on your android powered smartphone device.


install 9apps

How to Download 9Apps APK for Android – Install 9Apps app

In order to download 9Apps apk on your android device. Firstly you will have to download the .apk file of 9Aps app. Now after 9Apps download process is completed just follow the below mentioned steps to install 9Apps apk app on your phone. Or you can even download .apk file of 9Apps from http://9appsapkapp.in

And click on any download button present on the page.

  1. Click on the application.
  2. In the bottom, you will see a install button.
  3. Click on it and you are done with the installation of 9 apps.

Now you have got 9Apps app running your phone. Just enjoy it’s amazing features and functions and download unlimited amount of android apps and both (both free & paid).

Best android games available on 9Apps apk for android – 9Apps Games

Below we will be discussing some of the best android games which are able for free download on 9 Apps app store. We are listing top 5 android games which are best for you.

1.) Subway Surfers 9Apps Games

Subway Surfers as the name suggest is a game about a guy surfing in subways. This is one of most popular android game among youths. It is an amazing running game where user has to run and escaping the obstacles while an angry cop is chasing you. From the mission perspective, it is a bit similar to Temple Run. This game comes under arcade niche. All of you have to do is just swipe around the screen to control yourself while you save yourself from getting busted from the cop. Download Subway Surfer 9Apps Game Here

2.) Temple Run – Best game on 9Apps

Temple Run game for android is a similar running game as Subway Surfers. This 9Apps Games is one of the most highest rated android game in the market. In this game basically what a user has to do it keeping running in speed and saving the player from different types of obstacles throughout the game. It is a very interesting game. Youth of today play this game offered by 9App app and compete with their friends in order to achieve maximum amount of scores and credits. Download Temple Run 9Apps Games from Here.

9Apps APK – Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is 9Apps Free?

Yes 9Apps apk for android is free to download, install and use. There is no hidden charges involved. Everything you download from here is free of cost.

Is 9Apps virus free?

Yes 9Apps app is 100% virus free. There is a dedicated team of cyber security experts working day and night to make this android app safe and secure to use.

Why 9Apps is not available for Apple/iOS devices?

Developers are working on it; We will notify you guys as 9Apps is released for Android.

Apart from apps, what else is available on this app store?

Apart from thousands of apps, 9Apps offers best android games, wallpapers, ringtones etc.

Is paid apps also available on 9Apps Games / 9App app?

Yes paid android apps or premium android apps are also available on 9 Apps app platform. You can download paid android apps for free using 9Apps apk for android.

9apps download